The Latest Men’s Suit Styles

The Evolution of Men’s Suits Suit styles have changed many times over the past few decades, but they continue to remain a symbol of professionalism. In the fifties, zoot suits were popular, which had broad padded shoulders and heavily tapered pants. These days, most men prefer well-fitted, finely constructed suits that are comfortable to wear. Here are a few characteristics of modern day men’s suits. The Jacket Shoulders – These days, jacket shoulder sections should hug your own natural shoulders, without increasing their size or slouching off of your body. To find the right size of jacket, have a tailor measure the breadth of your shoulders for you. Lapels – There are many different lapel styles, including notched, peaked, or shawl lapels. Notched lapels are most common for day-to-day use, while shawled lapels look great on tuxedos. Buttons – When you select a suit, you will need to choose a jacket style. Some jackets close with one button, while others close with two or three. The lower the buttons, the larger your chest tends to look. Pocket Styles –...

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The Latest Women’s Suit Styles

The Evolution of Women’s Suits Thirty years ago, women wore suits to the office in order to show gender equality. These days, incorporating a few into your wardrobe is just good fashion sense. Here are some important things to remember when you select a new women’s suit. The Jacket Shoulders – When you select a jacket, remember that women generally look better without a lot of shoulder padding. Choosing a suit with large pads can make you look more masculine, or straight out of the eighties. Waist – Wearing a suit is a great way to show off your figure. Find a suit that hugs your waist when the jacket is buttoned. Remember that you can always wear it unbuttoned as well. Buttons – The buttons on your jacket are a great way to incorporate a little sparkle. Find buttons that add a fun flair to the suit, or that compliment your jewelry. Cut Styles – Women’s suits are available in a huge range of different cut styles. You can select curvy cuts with flowing skirts, or tailored suits...

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Getting Your Suit Tailored

The biggest defining characteristic of modern day suits is the tailoring. In the old days, people would alter the shape of their suits in order to emphasize certain features. For example, folks loved the look of large shoulder pads in order to make their waists look smaller. These days, people like their suit to complement their actual figure. Here are some reasons that getting your suit professionally tailored is crucial to the success of your look. Why Fit is Important Your suit should be custom tailored to your size. Wearing too large of a suit can make you look messy or slouchy, while one that fits too snug can make it look like you have gained a lot of weight. A good suit should fit your frame perfectly, without being too tight. In order to accomplish this, you will probably need to work with a professional tailor to alter the design. Choosing the Right Tailor Suit design is one of the most complicated elements of professional sewing. There are many different panels to deal with, complicated stitching methods, and...

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The Latest Suit Styles For Men and Women

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Men’s Suits

A snappy suit has always been a symbol of professionalism in the business world. The right suit can make you look great, and show off your personality.

Women’s Suits

Women have a tremendous number of options as far as suits are concerned. These days, there are a myriad of different colors and cut styles to choose from.

Tailoring Suits

These days, the most important part of a suit is how it fits. A tailored, well-fitting suit can show your attention to detail, and make your figure look fantastic.