Getting Your Suit Tailored

The biggest defining characteristic of modern day suits is the tailoring. In the old days, people would alter the shape of their suits in order to emphasize certain features. For example, folks loved the look of large shoulder pads in order to make their waists look smaller. These days, people like their suit to complement their actual figure. Here are some reasons that getting your suit professionally tailored is crucial to the success of your look.

Why Fit is Important

Your suit should be custom tailored to your size. Wearing too large of a suit can make you look messy or slouchy, while one that fits too snug can make it look like you have gained a lot of weight. A good suit should fit your frame perfectly, without being too tight. In order to accomplish this, you will probably need to work with a professional tailor to alter the design.

Choosing the Right Tailor

Suit design is one of the most complicated elements of professional sewing. There are many different panels to deal with, complicated stitching methods, and important ratios to abide by. Because suits can cost thousands of dollars, working with the wrong tailor can destroy your investment. Find a tailor or seamstress that has a lot of experience in alterations, and inspect some of their old work. Never work with a tailor that doesn’t adjust the suit with you in it. They will not be able to tailor it for you unless they see you in it.

Turnaround Time

The amount of time that alterations take is completely dependent on what you are having changed. If you only need to have your pants hemmed, you might be able to pick up your clothing in a few hours. On the other hand, if you need to have sleeves shortened and jackets brought in, your item could take several days.

Important Considerations to Make

One great thing about working with a professional tailor is that you can change the way that your suit fits, based on your preferences. If you love your jacket but you wish it showed off your waist a little more, you can have the buttons brought closer together to allow the jacket to fit more snug. A tailor can also add in additional pockets, or switch out buttons for you, according to what you like.