The Latest Men’s Suit Styles

The Evolution of Men’s Suits

Suit styles have changed many times over the past few decades, but they continue to remain a symbol of professionalism. In the fifties, zoot suits were popular, which had broad padded shoulders and heavily tapered pants. These days, most men prefer well-fitted, finely constructed suits that are comfortable to wear. Here are a few characteristics of modern day men’s suits.

The Jacket

  1. Shoulders

    – These days, jacket shoulder sections should hug your own natural shoulders, without increasing their size or slouching off of your body. To find the right size of jacket, have a tailor measure the breadth of your shoulders for you.

  2. Lapels

    – There are many different lapel styles, including notched, peaked, or shawl lapels. Notched lapels are most common for day-to-day use, while shawled lapels look great on tuxedos.

  3. Buttons

    – When you select a suit, you will need to choose a jacket style. Some jackets close with one button, while others close with two or three. The lower the buttons, the larger your chest tends to look.

  4. Pocket Styles

    – While older suits implemented the front pocket slits, most newer jackets have pockets covered with a flap.

  5. Color and Pattern

    – Selecting your suit fabric is one of the most important considerations that you can make. Try to choose a suit that will look good with your other shoes, ties, and dress shirts.

The Pants

  1. Flat Front or Pleated

    – Pants generally come in two styles: flat front or pleated front. These days, flat front pants, which have more of a minimalistic look, are much more popular.

  2. Cuff or No Cuff

    – You can choose pants that have a cuffed bottom or an un-cuffed hem, depending on the look that you prefer.

  3. Proper Length

    – The single most important element of your suit is getting the proper length of pants. Trousers that are too short will make you look silly, and show your socks excessively.

Other Things to Remember

Because suit styles change frequently, consider selecting a classic design. Remember that you can always dress up your suit with a nice watch or a new haircut, but a suit with too many embellishments can look dated fast.