The Latest Women’s Suit Styles

The Evolution of Women’s Suits

Thirty years ago, women wore suits to the office in order to show gender equality. These days, incorporating a few into your wardrobe is just good fashion sense. Here are some important things to remember when you select a new women’s suit.

The Jacket

  1. Shoulders

    – When you select a jacket, remember that women generally look better without a lot of shoulder padding. Choosing a suit with large pads can make you look more masculine, or straight out of the eighties.

  2. Waist

    – Wearing a suit is a great way to show off your figure. Find a suit that hugs your waist when the jacket is buttoned. Remember that you can always wear it unbuttoned as well.

  3. Buttons

    – The buttons on your jacket are a great way to incorporate a little sparkle. Find buttons that add a fun flair to the suit, or that compliment your jewelry.

  4. Cut Styles

    – Women’s suits are available in a huge range of different cut styles. You can select curvy cuts with flowing skirts, or tailored suits that hug your frame perfectly.

  5. Color and Pattern

    – Remember that your suit selection will say a lot about you. If you are a corporate executive who attends boardroom meetings frequently, opt for conservative colors like blue, black, or neutrals like tan and cream.


  1. Choosing Pants

    – Women have the option of choosing less formal wide legged pants, or traditional tailored versions. While wide legged pants flow with your movement, tailored versions are great for a professional look.

  2. Selecting a Skirt

    – The great thing about wearing a suit as a woman is that they are a lot more versatile. You can select a skirt that matches your jacket, or one that complements the color. For example, you could wear a nice tan skirt matched with a blue blazer.

  3. Appropriate Skirt Lengths

    – If you decide to go with a skirt, it is important to choose one that is an appropriate length. Knee length skirts are generally best for office settings.

Other Things to Remember

Don’t be afraid to dress up your suit with a little jewelry. The right pair of earrings or a funky necklace can make any suit more fun. Choose blouses that don’t add a lot of bulk under your jacket, which could make you look heavier than you actually are.